Delivering Value at Competitive Prices.

  • Design and Development

    Gally is a trusted source of Indian-made products, offering on-trend fabric and design inspirations to assist with the design and development process.

  • Sourcing and Sampling

    We can make original patterns, tweak from original samples and photos, and source the right materials for the style. Right product and the right time.

  • Fabric Testing

    Affiliated with SGS laboratory and the local GEA, all fabrics sourced or created through Gally will be tested as per your requirements.

  • Quality Assurance

    Gally’s QA Team will inspect all samples, and all bulk production orders to ensure quality products are delivered to you.

  • Labelling

    Gally offers a range of labeling solutions, from woven labels, swing tags, special note tags, wash care tags to price tickets and are on hand to help you find what best suits your product.

  • Logistics

    Over the years, Gally has formed great relationships with logistic and freight companies, ensuring that you're getting the best service from India at an unbeatable price.

Gally is a premium sourcing company, working with some of the biggest Australian brands to create amazing product ranges.

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